The Wicklein Group


We have been collaborating on video, film, special events, theatre, educational and training projects since 1972

It has been a rich, varied and rewarding 40 years. We have constantly evolved, learning and using new technology that continues to change and improve the way that we can communicate. The one thing that has remained constant is a commitment to telling each story effectively no matter the length or the delivery platform.

If you are looking at this website you likely haven’t worked with us before and want to get a sense of who and what we are, where and why we do this or you just love the content and had to return. Either way, welcome to our domain.


Mike Wicklein, senior producer, director and editor states,

“We’ve been co-creating content with a diverse range of people for years, bringing together the elements that each project requires. A team of trusted professionals and friends has evolved whose expertise we rely on to accomplish each projects goals”

Linda Wicklein, producer, early childhood advocate and mentor-coach consultant states,

“It has been my privilege to work with young children, families, teachers and administrators for many years. I believe each of us has a part to play in the joy, growth and optimal development of people, especially young children.”

The stories, still and moving pictures that you will find on our facebook, You Tube and flickr links will introduce the Wicklein Group and demonstrate our collective collaborations.


Our core expertise is to produce moving picture content to inform and train, document history, support special events, educate, motivate, improve the world, dance, sing and just have fun. Our definition of a “moving picture” is a piece of work that moves you to feel, to act, to be.


We live in Baltimore, Maryland and do the majority of our work in the Washington DC/Baltimore Mid-Atlantic region. However, we really like to travel and love going wherever the work takes us.


Illuminating a story and helping to create understanding is our key focus and goal. We are fascinated by the endless variety that exists on our planet. The different people, places and things that human beings choose to do and need to communicate about. We love the creative process and working on projects that provide a new challenge. Collaborating with others and finding truth and solutions is what we enjoy and why we continue to do this work.

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